Anna Nwaada Weber is an artist born in Germany. She spend part of her youth in Nigeria, the home country of her father.

Her work reflects her search of the „being“ and our existence, connecting to the topics of identification, localization and self-ascertainment.

She received her Diploma in Paintings and Graphics from the Institute for Fine-Arts and Art-Therapy, Bochum in 2012 and her PhD in Physics from the University of Heidelberg in 2001. She has attended continuous studies in sculpting at Open College of the Arts in Barnsley, Great Britain from 2013 to 2018.

Her paintings show people, and especially their faces, in intimate spheres. Her sculptures also deal with the human being and the face in particular. The expressive working style throughout her work adds to the imperfect forms and alienations.

The topic of identification, localization and self-ascertainment have accompanied her throughout her biography. Starting from her search for the vanishingly small Higgs particle („God’s particle“) during her PhD in physics to her German-Nigerian origin and cultural involvements.

She has exhibited her work locally at various locations such as the Art Society in Duisburg, the Oberschlesisches Landesmuseum in Ratingen-Hoesel, the BBK Kunstforum in Duesseldorf, the Kunsthaus in Mettmann, the H6 (Haus der Hildener Kuenstler) in Hilden, the Alte Pastorei in Heiligenhaus, the Wollboden in Essen-Kettwig, the QQTec in Hilden, the Filmwerkstatt in Duesseldorf and the Galerie KIPGess in Duesseldorf.

Anna Nwaada Weber currently lives in Ratingen near Duesseldorf in Germany, with her family.