Short story: “The Gods”

She was walking along the path that one of her sisters had left. She was a bit afraid since this was her first time outside of her home. All the tales and stories of what could await one, going outside, came back into her mind. Looking at the very big plants to her left and…


New work

I started a new work and I think there is not much work I will be doing on this one... But it is not yet finished.... So work in progress..


Painting combined with sculptures

This is a totally new direction I am going. I am currently trying to combine my paintings with my sculptures. I will be doing a series where I will combine geometrical figures with sketches of my sculptures. So here is the first one.


Quote highlights June 2018

  One month has pasted again. Summer has arrived... Continuing posting the highlights per month of my inspirational quotes which I post on instgram (my instgram profil)

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