My work is related to the search of „being“ and our existence. Dealing with the question of our origin and the search for answers that I can not even formulate.

My paintings show people in intimate spheres. People who look inward, in extended moments of existential experiences. In doing so, focusing mostly on the mirror of our soul, the face. In my sculptures the main theme is again the human being and also the face. Also showing distortion and deformation. And just as in my paintings I use an expressive working style which adds to the imperfect forms and alienations.

My German-Nigerian origin adds to my dealing with being and the self. Being “too dark” or “too bright“ is a question of identity that entered my life right at the very beginning. Maybe that is why a light-dark contrast runs continuously through my work.

The topic of identification, localization and self-ascertainment have accompanied my throughout my biography. During my PhD as a particle physicist, I was intensively engaged in the search for the vanishingly small Higgs particle. With it, one could explain why there is mass and maybe finally why humans exist, which is why the Higgs particle is also called “God’s particle.“

In my installations, I have picked up the theme of science and religion. Posing the question if we should rather worship science than god or if both are really the same.

I am an artist, a scientist and maybe simply a searcher, trying to find answers by combining the knowledge of different fields. A most common thing to do in times gone by.