Some thoughts …

So I was wondering ... "What if your life is only a projection of a dream?" I love thinking about different dimensions and realities and "what if..". How sure can we be that our reality is "real". That it is not only made up like in the matrix? How would we experience the fourth dimension?…

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Plaster, work in progress

A new head

So here is one of my heads which I am working on. Being inspired by Medrado Rosso. Again this will be another series. Planning to go for 5 - 10 pieces. Will have to think about an overarching topic.

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"Cross", moor lye on paper, 42 x 56 cm

An art challenge a day

I was thinking of starting some kind of challenge during which I will be creating a piece of art everyday for 30, 100 or even 365 days in a row. I have not decided yet on the topic. One idea is to do a sketch a day. Maybe related to a certain topic. I will…

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"Father", acrylic / canvas, 100 x 100 cm, 2018

New Painting

Check out my new painting! It is actually part of a greater body of work in which I am referencing  and dealing with my heritage. Being half-German and half-Nigerian, white and black, is a theme which is part of my work.