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Head in the garden

I created a head or more a face some time ago with cement and steel wool and I now placed the head in my garden among my flowers.

The steel wool will start to rust while the cement should stay quite well in order. I will be posting some new photos of the sculpture from time to time to report on the status!

Watching something decay always reminds me that life will end sometime. For everyone. Even for me.

The process of decay, the potential end or the mortality of humans seems to have some basic truth in it. Experiencing decay and understanding it on a different level than analytically, helps me to understand something I have been trying to grasps my whole life. Or maybe just accepting it. This has been driving me since childhood.

When I was under seven years old I suddenly realized, while talking to my older sisters that we are living on a very small planet in a very big universe! And that frightened me. And I remember telling my mother “I do not want to die”. And she looked at me disturbed and asked me “Why don’t yo want to die”? And I explained to her about the planets and how I felt very small, and she explained to me that everyone has to die someday, which did not really put me at ease. And then she told me that people have to die to make room for other people because it is a circle and the way of life. And that if some people also had to died to enable me to be born. Which I could relate to at that time. And I sort of accepted that explanation for the time being.

But as of that time this topic drove me to learn different thing, experience different things in life. Trying to connect different things and areas. Searching for an answer or a reason. Searching for some sense.

So… I guess the process of the head decaying will not answer anything straightfront. But it will be fun to watch… And who knows….